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by Linda Neale

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Linda dares to tell us the truth…this seven-fold path to making ceremony is profoundly thought out and provides substantive guidance for ceremony-makers of all kinds.

Mathew Fox

Helping people create meaningful ceremonies for personal and family transitions, celebrations, and healings.

Linda Neale
is amazed and grateful for the presence of the Unexpected in her life.  Through a series of surprising events, she was led to become a writer, teacher, dreamworker, and ceremonial facilitator.   She is also a businesswoman, a community leader, a family therapist, and mentor to many. Her work overlaps the circles of deep ecology, systems thinking, depth psychology, Native American spiritual traditions, and women's spirituality. 

Linda's latest book, The Power of Ceremony: Restoring the Sacred in Our Selves, Our Families, Our Communities is a story about spirituality, ceremony, and relationships.  It describes seven fundamental principles that are essential to renewing spiritual community and restoring ceremony to our modern culture.  Click Here  to see what Story Circle Book Reviews and other reviewers are saying about Linda's book.

January 31, 2015  3pm - 6pm
Women's Medicine Wheel Ceremony
Organizational Gathering 
On Saturday, January 31st, you are invited to learn more about the Women’s Medicine Wheel -- a ceremony that began seventeen years ago in the Portland area and has since grown and spread throughout the United States. This ceremony is a year long commitment traveling to each of the four directions during the corresponding season. Each year there is a winter organizational meeting for interested women. Location and more details are available HERE
If you have been a part of the medicine wheel in the past, you are invited to come and share your experience with others, even if you don’t plan to participate this year. All women are welcome whether you wish to commit or simply want to learn more about the ceremony.                   

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