The Amazon

A Poem in honor of the Plant Nation

Plants for cooking, drinking, eating
Plants for building
Plants for healing

Plants for baskets, hats, and clothing
Plants for houses
And for molding

Plants with multi-colored bark
Plants you gather in the dark

Plants for ointments and for visions
Plants for womens’ intuition

Plants for taking out of splinters
Plants for gluing things together

Plants that tickle
Plants that sting
Plants that open in the spring

Plants for cleaning people’s teeth
Plants that smell like rotting meat

Plants for babies’ relaxation
Plants for women’s menstruation

Plants for music and for painting
Plants for stopping peoples’ fainting.

Plants for hearts and spleens and livers
Plants that grow down by the river

Umbrella plants and plants for tea
Plants that make you want to pee

Plants for making plates and chairs
Plants for combing children’s hair

Plants for ears, nose, throats, and eyes
Plants for making into pies.

Plants for hands and arms and feet
Plants for bugbites on your seat

Plants that make you itch and scratch
Plants you weave into a thatch

Plants you never ever touch
Plants you want to eat so much

Plants that live because of ants
Plants that grow on other plants

Plants for bouquets, decorations
Plants for love and meditation

Plants of every shape and size
Plants that help deodorize

Plants you place upon the hearth
Plants that make you want to barf

Plants for paper
Plants for swings
Plants that help us all to sing.

Plants for making mother’s milk
Plants like velvet, Plants like silk

Plants from which the bees make honey
Plants that look a little funny

Plants for ceremonies only
Plants when you are feeling lonely

Plants whose sap is like copal
Plants whose use is known by all

Plants in sun and rainy weather
Plants that keep us all together

Plants that are sensitive to touch
Plants to whom we owe so much

Without these plants from Amazon
This old world would be long gone.