The Women’s Medicine Wheel is a ceremony I began eighteen years ago  in the Portland area that has grown and spread throughout the United States.  This ceremony is for women who want to deepen their understanding of the Medicine Wheel and its meaning in their lives.  Women who complete their year in the wheel often find they live richer lives and increase their leadership skills.  Each year there is a winter organizational meeting for interested women.  This year we are inviting women who want to learn more about the ceremony, but may not be ready to make a commitment.  You’re welcome to bring your interested friends to this gathering.   If you have been a part of the medicine wheel in the past, you are invited to come and share your experience. 

WHEN:         Sunday, Feb. 3, 4 pm – 6 pm. 
WHERE:      Eagles Nest, 11330 SW Capitol Hwy., Portland, OR
WHO:            Past, present and future medicine wheel participants
Your appointment calendar for 2018
Your willingness to learn and your love for and experience in ceremony
PLEASE  let us know you'll attend by sending an email to lcornely@yahoo.com


There are many different ways to understand the medicine wheel. In this ceremony, circles of eight women travel to a direction and learn about its characteristics by spending time on and learning from the land. In the spring, they go to the East; in the summer, to the south; in autumn, to the West; and in winter, to the North. 2-3 days is usually spent in each direction.

The Ceremony begins in the Spring, but each group can set their own schedule for the year. Although two different women are the intercessors for each of the four directions, it is the land itself that is the primary teacher and intercessor.

This ceremony has been conducted this way for eighteen years, and has traveled all over the United States and Europe. For more information, contact Linda.

THERE IS NO CHARGE, although there are expenses involved in renting the various locations, gas, food, etc.




I learned so much in the years I participated -- what stays with me is the lesson of Grace.  Never quite knowing what will happen through the weekend and to stay open to it all.  This is the backbone of a thoughtful life and the center of my sanity.  My sisters are never far from my mind and the gifts the Ceremony brings from each direction.    Rachael


The medicine wheel reminds me:  To sit quietly.  To quiet the mind and observe.  To pay attention.                          Barbara


The most fundamental thing I've learned is the map we've been given and the teaching that comes in various areas.  It guides me like a map or compass, but at a higher level.  It is something I use both for daily life questions and questions of a more spiritual nature.       Jeanette

I love that eight women who often don't know each other come together for four weekends to open their hearts and spend time on the land connecting with its wisdom... and honoring their journeys through life.  There are not many ceremonies that allow you to do this, and the Women's Medicine Wheel does.  Thank you Linda Neale for starting this wonderful opportunity for women to learn ceremony and being with the land.     Carolyn