Linda Neale and the Power of Ceremony


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Linda dares to tell us the truth…this seven-fold path to making ceremony is profoundly thought out and provides substantive guidance for ceremony-makers of all kinds.

Mathew Fox

Linda Neale is a shareholder and board member of Leupold & Stevens, Inc., a 600 employee family-owned manufacturing firm founded in 1907. She is past president of the Family Council, chair of the Family Values committee, past president of the family foundation, and she understands the challenges of generational transitions. She is a member of Family Firm Institute, served on the Advisory Board of the Austin Family Business Program, and has presented her family's story at family business conferences throughout the Northwest. She serves as the family historian, and researched and wrote the early history of her family's company for the 2007 centennial book Leupold & Stevens: The First Century.

Linda is dedicated to helping family firms succeed and pass their legacy on to future generations through improved structure and better communication between boards, families, and management teams. As a trained marriage and family therapist, she brings a unique perspective to working with business families.

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Leupold & Stevens, Inc., circa 1938, then called Leupold Volpel & Co. Linda's grandfather, Marcus Leupold, is at far left. Standing next to him is Fred Leupold, Linda's great-grandfather.