Linda and Rod on Hat ButteLinda Neale is a fourth generation Oregonian of English/Norwegian/Polish descent raised with the dramatic backdrop of the Pacific Ocean, the Cascade Mountains, and the High Desert. Linda began her connection with the land through her family's delight in hunting and fishing, beachcombing, canoeing, and camping.

Trained as a concert violinist and tennis player, Linda graduated from Stanford University in psychology, and spent three years living and teaching on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Northern Arizona. There she rode horses, learned to speak Navajo and make fry bread, and was a founder and vice-president of the Navajo Nation chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW).

After her reservation experience, Linda returned to Oregon for graduate school, married, gave birth to her daughter Joanna, and began her career as a school psychologist and marriage and family therapist.

In 1989 she met Rod, an Akimel O'odham (Pima) elder who would later become her husband, life partner, and most important teacher. Other elders and teachers who have influenced Linda's work include Thomas Berry, Matthew Fox, Carl Jung, Lillian Mitchell, Buck Ghosthorse, Eagle Stone Woman, Godfrey Chipps, Gayle Delaney, Martin High Bear, Helmina Makes Him First, and Jake Swamp.

Linda's training in Jungian psychology and dreamwork, her marriage to Rod, and her experience in indigenous ceremonies bridge the gap between western and Native American consciousness. She is able to translate and communicate her experiences with Native traditions and ceremonies to those raised in modern culture in a way that earns the respect of those who follow more traditional ways.


Linda knows the importance of values to leading a fulfilling life and encourages those with whom she comes in contact to reflect on their own values.  The primary values by which Linda lives her life are Health, Generations, Respect, Truth/Power, Quietness, Helpfulness, and Happiness. 


Linda has worked as a family business board member,  writer, teacher, school psychologist, family counselor, dreamwork instructor, business communications consultant, executive director,  and leadership trainer. She is passionate about Nature, honoring the truth, listening and implementing the wisdom of indigenous elders,  passing on this wisdom to future generations, and restoring ceremony to a prominent place in Western Culture.

Linda loves to run and hike, play with her dogs, play the violin/fiddle, ride horses, explore, track, and hunt.

She has written many articles on counseling, spirituality, and history. The Power of Ceremony is her first book. She is currently working on a children's book.