These organizations, publications, and businesses are all friends and assets to our local and global communities. Feel free to check them out and support their good work.

Earth & Spirit Council:  Earth and Spirit Council is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening our connection with the natural world.  One of its programs, the Natural Way, is an elders speakers series that features native wisdom education online and on dvd's. The Earth & Spirit Council was founded by Linda Neale and others in 1991.

Matthew Fox:  Matthew Fox is a spiritual theologian, Episcopal priest, and author of more than thirty books, including Original Blessing and The Coming of the Cosmic Christ.  He is a supporter of native spiritual practices, and a proponent of Creation Spirituality.

Audubon Society of Portland: Audubon Society is a nonprofit organization devoted to the conservation of Oregon's last remaining wild places.

Deerdance:   Deerdance offers classes in bird language, animal tracking, and other subjects designed to enhance people's awareness of the natural world.  Deerdance was founded by webmaster Terry Kem.

Native Peoples' Circle of Hope:  The mission of this nonprofit organization is to help Native American cancer survivors, their family members and care givers understand that they are not alone.

Paraveda:  The mission of Paraveda is to empower all seekers in their quest for transformation through the exploration of wisdom traditions while creating a sacred yet accessible online community.

Creation Spirituality Communities:

Sacred Fire Magazine:

Spirit Vision Studios:

Turtle Island Storytellers: Government2Government

Carol Grigg, Artist:

Bonnie Kahn's Gallery & Consulting:

Center for Sacred Studies:

International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers:

Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission:

NatureConnect Excursions:

Future Works Consulting: