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Message from Rod -- New Year 2014

Linda Neale - Wednesday, January 01, 2014

This morning I read a New Year's message from Brad Keeney (who will be a featured presenter for Earth and Spirit Council in May), that included the following:

"Be wary of seeking too much insight about your self (and others). Interpret less; perform more. Do more than talk and think, and even do more than pray. Instead, act out your desire to make a connection with spirit. Enact the change you seek – in both sacred and absurd ways. Rather than seek understanding, simply act in this moment, and then utilize whatever happens to steer your next action. This is what it really means to be here now. Act in order to change."     

I showed it to my husband Rod (click HERE to read more about Rod and see his picture), whom most of you know, and transcribed verbatim his response.  I felt like his words were a real gift.  He consented to sharing them with our community.

"It’s very simple.  When you’re praying, what are you doing, really?  All it really amounts to is you’re not really doing anything yourself.  If people want to pray, that’s their business.  Sure, they’ll take credit – it’s because they prayed that something happened.  Maybe that’s partially true again.  But it’s not that you’re ignoring prayer by doing something.  Action alone can be a prayer.  So when you really are doing something from the heart, you get guidance, and put that guidance to use.  That’s part of putting that prayer into motivation, so to speak. If you’re really into your prayer then you’re listening and paying attention.  Learn to listen and listen to learn.  Too many people just sit down and wait.  Really following your guidance is something that very few people really understand.  They get a little guidance, and sit around and wait for more guidance, and it doesn’t happen because they didn’t utilize their first step.   Maybe they do start to act, and they hold back, because they’re afraid of going ahead.  If they go ahead, then the other guidance comes, because they’re doing something."

What are people afraid of?

"How the hell do I know?  It’s just fear.  Who really knows what fear is?  That’s another thing that people created -- that fear to avoid responsibility, so to speak.  Why do you think people come and sweat, eat and leave – because they’re afraid they might get more responsibility.

If you really are following your guidance and acting the way you’re supposed to, then you get more guidance.  The thing about that is, it’s kind of a natural thing that you grasp, because you’re busy doing something, so when the guidance comes you just follow whatever it is that you’re told. "


Happy New Year, Everyone!  In 2014 I pray we act more, trust more, accept the responsibility that comes our way, and pray less.  :)

Dave Cooley commented on 01-Jan-2014 10:39 AM
Pray-less ? wasn't that a drug store in the 70's ?
Anna Zach commented on 01-Jan-2014 04:10 PM
Thank you Linda and thank you Rod. I wanted to get in touch long time ago wirh many so called "friends" but I waited after the Christmas time to contact all of you after the Christmas will be over.Not wanted to add my trouble to the peoples trouble in the hectic time of prechristmas craziness. And: I do not know how to express myself how hurting I am here alone like an abandoned child in the mountains with the people whom I considered to be my friends not knowing about my existence for months and months. Yes, I am pissed of. And I am pissed of the Facebook also. Too many people spending so much time to exhibit themselves...I need a human contact. I have enough of the "artificial" bonding through the digitalism.
Here you have it first hand .. as a first step and after that I.ll do another step.....probably after some beating for this kind of non traditional New years wish...
Be well! Andula

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