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Songs in Ceremony

Linda Neale - Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A member of our Women's Medicine Wheel ceremony recently asked me to write about songs.  She is not a singer...yet. Thank you, Carolyn, for encouraging this post.

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Women of the 14th Moon -- Part 1

Linda Neale - Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Women of the Fourteenth Moon is a modern transition ceremony that has endured for more than two decades and is now being performed around the world. It was originally conceived by three women from various backgrounds -- Celtic, Jewish, and Native American -- who came together to do something to heal the fear of aging that many modern women have.  It is not a Native American ceremony -- it is a women's ceremony.  It  lasts from one to three days, and is usually performed outside with as few as twenty or as many as one hundred fifty women. Its stated intention is to initiate and honor elder women and the stages they go through in becoming elders. Many women are introduced to ceremony for the first time at the Women of the Fourteenth Moon. The experience often touches them deeply and affects every aspect of their lives.   Read More

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